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Philosophy of Leadership

New Spillane-Joullié book now available on Amazon This book develops a philosophy of leadership by tracing the evolution of Western ideas from philosophical perspectives, ancient and modern. Various philosophies — including ancient heroism, rationalism, cynicism, stoicism, machiavellianism, romanticism, heroic individualism and existentialism — are pursued through a critical analysis of those ideas which are relevant […]

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New edition of Spillane’s An Eye for an I

NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON How can we gain insight into and mastery of ourselves? Entering the world of the great philosophers and engaging with them, we become aware of what we are capable of becoming. They speak to us of themselves and the good life and thereby offer the possibility for self-development. While this sounds […]

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Spillane’s play Entertaining Executives

What really goes on at management conferences? Are executives educated or merely entertained?

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Mind Myths

[Robert Spillane, “Mind Myths: The author responds,” The Skeptic, 2007, 27, 2, 55. PDF.] The sceptical David Hume observed that reason is a slave of the passions. Empirical support for this proposition can be found in the cathartic letters which appeared in “Forum” (27:1: 50-55) in response to my article “The Mind and Mental Illness: A […]

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The Mind and Mental Illness

[Robert Spillane, “The Mind and Mental Illness: a Tale of Two Myths,” The Skeptic, 2006, 26, 4, 46-50. PDF. This paper forms the basis of a talk given by Prof Spillane to a NSW Skeptics Dinner Meeting during 2006.] My aim in this paper is to ask if there is such a thing as a […]

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Spillane TV interview on ADHD myth

[August 4 2009 interview on Australia’s Channel Nine morning program Today.]

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Definitely Drucker

[Robert Spillane, “Definitely Drucker,” AFR Boss Magazine, March 2008, pp. 32 – 36. PDF.] Long after Peter Drucker’s death, the debate over what management should really be about still rages. Twenty senior managers spend five days at a management training centre. They are there, at great expense, to “bond” by acquiring spiritual intelligence from their executive […]

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Szasz’s The Meaning of Mind

[Robert Spillane, Journal of the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management, vol. 3, no. 2 (July 1997), pp. 53-55. PDF.] SZASZ, THOMAS (1996) The Meaning of Mind: Language, Morality and Neuroscience Westport, Connecticut: Praeger Given the alarming rate of increase in stress claims (reported by Comcare and others) and given Australians’ propensity to engage in litigation following the RSI […]

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